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Nationalism is an idea.  It is the stuff of “ifs” and “why nots.”  Hardly a mainstream conviction, and muddled by complexity, greed, and damn poor public relations, nationalism is simply a philosopher’s stab at cartography.   But what exactly does this amorphous “idea” entail?  What of this complexity?  Or this mention of greed for that matter?  These questions will be addressed in the regular entries contributed to the College Nationalist.

Addressing “Nationalism in the News,” “Philosophy and Ethics,” “Nationalism and History,” and “National Solutions,”The College Nationalist will attack and deliberate the misconceptions, admit the inconsistencies, and posit some positions that are evoked by “Nationalism.”

The College Nationalist’s bias is simple.  The author is inspired by the role of nations in global affairs.  There is little doubt in the author’s mind that there is constructive criticism and significant deliberation to temper this inspiration, but noting a lack of debate, noting the absence of argument, and the sheer ignorance of the issue, The College Nationalist was launched.  Above all, the College Nationalist is a forum and an arena; a place of argument and of understanding.

The College Nationalist was founded on September 30th, 2007 in the classroom of Professor Geert Van Cleemput at the George Washington University, and launched on May 8th, 2010 in Washington DC by a graduating senior.

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